the house under the oak tree

California, 12,000 sq.ft., Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects (2003-2006)


The private bedroom wing for this family of four nestles under a giant oak tree. Bedroom volumes are individually oriented to maximize privacy and views beneath the tree limbs. By contrast, an expansive, glass-walled living pavilion reaches out into the nearby meadow.

My involvement focused on the development of the building enclosure design which included wood siding and glazing systems. Close collaboration with engineers and fabricators was required to achieve simple detailing that reinforced the idea of extending the house into the landscape.

Design team: Peter Bohlin, Denis Schofield, Chris Moore
Photo credits: Nick Lehoux


bedroom volumes beneath the oak tree

model of housearchitectural plan drawing of house

the pavilion roof extends 12 ft. beyond glazing for shading, library volume extends from pavilion into meadow

sketch detail and mockup for pavilion glazing mullions

custom stainless steel pavilion glazing system, custom door stop

kitchen volume enclosure tucks under pavilion space

carving out the basement playroom space to allow in natural light

framing sketch, corridor linking bedroom volumes and pavilion

caretaker building sketch; glazed living spaces are protected on more public side by wooden volumes